Saturday, March 4, 2017

What this man did in Barcelona will blow your mind!

This morning, after many hours at #HackUPC, I wanted to take a shot break, so changed into my running gear to explore campus. Little did I realize that UPC North campus sits at the base of a really pretty natural park and hills!

If you've had your fun with the Playa and explored Barri Gotic to its max, running should be next on the list. The weather is amazing all year round here. This being March, and I've been lucky to see some really pretty clear blue skies and a mild breeze with barmy sun.

As soon as I headed north from UPC, I found myself climbing some very sleepy, but very quaint posh sub-urban housing. After bumbling about for some good 3k with half a mind to turn back, I hit the end of a tarred road to hit what can only the end of a brook -- wonder when they have the "rainy" season here? Anyway, I had passed the Narnian Wardrobe into Val Vidrera?

This is a large expanse of hills and trails. Excellent tracks for hikers, runners, mountain bikes. Some amazing views of Barcelona. This should be on every tourist map worth its weight in sweaty salt.

Here are some of the captures from the day.

And after that, I think I do deserve some serious triathlon swim training, at the hotel no?

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